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How to save a life...

The juice is worth the squeeze.

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The juice is worth the squeeze.

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So I read through all my old journal entries from college. There were tears and laughs, and I took a little trip into my past--where a hug and a good laugh were down the hall, where I met my first love and had my first heart break, where I met people that forever changed the the fabric of my life. It was a beautiful and bittersweet journey. 

Things have changed, as they tend to do. I'm happier now, stronger, a little bit smarter and I'm much more mature. I have a job that I love, teaching kids with Autism and my family to closer than ever. And meeting my fiancee brought me to an ever higher level of happiness. Though life is never perfect, I feel more intact than I've ever been. 

Two years ago, I was basically homeless, jobless and well, hopeless. I made attempts to kill myself. I can't even imagine if I had finished the job. I wouldn't have this life and I would have destroyed my family. I wouldn't have Beth...

Okay, so this was a weird, little entry, but once in a while, it's nice to reflect. I'm so proud of myself and my journey. This is the kind of success they don't teach you in college. 

I don't write in this very often, so the next time I do, I will probably be Mrs. Tiffany Phillips-Goodman. :)

Until then, love and blessings. <3
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