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How to save a life...

I don't care what they say. I won't stay in a world without love.

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I don't care what they say. I won't stay in a world without love.

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So lots of things going on right now. Life is hectic and complicated, but it is a million times better than last year. I just got a job as an  assistant manager for Brueggers which I'm stoked about--good pay, good bennies. Writing is always going to be there, so don't you worry about me! Ugh and other news I'm still fat, which drives me nuts when I look at pictures of senior year at BPC.  I seriously cannot stop eating. My friend Lynne and I are talking about going to Eaters Anonymous...no joke. I'm still going to church and support group. I haven't given up on those.

I'm recovering from strep which has been a blast, let me tell you. I love waking up and not being able to breathe because my throat is swollen. Sooooo much fun. Haha. Whatever...it has given me an excuse to eat a box of cherry popsicles in two days. Swank! 

I just got the go ahead to get my time off for the Bahamas. Chapple is taking Chandler and me on a cruise. Stoked! T-minus 40 days. Hollerrrr.

I'm sort of seeing someone. Her name is Jaime, but I'm just tired of taking it slow all the time. I want someone who wants what I want...for someone to say, "I want you to be my girlfriend." Is that too much to ask? I really shouldn't complain about Jaime though. She's a fantastic person. She's an amazing musician, a kind soul and she's funny as hell. But the other day she tells me she is used to being the other woman...? What does that mean? Eh, I think someone might thrive on conflict...I'm trying not to get too attached, because as much as I like Jaime, I've learned the dangers of dissapointment. In the end, even if this doesn't pan out, I'm going to be okay.

This year, it's about starting from square one. Sometimes you just have to move back to start in order to move forward. I'm slowly building my way up and I know it's not going to happen overnight, but I just want to believe it's going to happen.


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